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1. What Grade level will you teach? (Choose one)

2. When will you be student teaching? (Choose one)

* 3. What does “formative assessment” mean to you as a future teacher? Kindly Explain.

4. Lesson Plans that you have created for any School Of Education Class or Practicum have explicit plans for formatively assessing your students.

5. During a Practicum that you have performed in a school, you constantly engaged your students in student-centered discussions to formatively assess your student’s progress throughout your lesson.

6. Your daily or weekly lesson planning includes formative assessment plans to review and discuss quizzes, tests or exams after you have corrected them.

7. You believe that formatively assessing your students throughout a lesson or unit is a method that you plan to use in your classroom.

8. Considering your teaching philosophy, if any of your students receive a failing grade on your exams, do you believe that it is the fault of the: