* 1. What Grade level will you teach? (Choose one)

* 2. When will you be student teaching? (Choose one)

* 3. What does “formative assessment” mean to you as a future teacher? Kindly Explain.

* 4. Lesson Plans that you have created for any School Of Education Class or Practicum have explicit plans for formatively assessing your students.

* 5. During a Practicum that you have performed in a school, you constantly engaged your students in student-centered discussions to formatively assess your student’s progress throughout your lesson.

* 6. Your daily or weekly lesson planning includes formative assessment plans to review and discuss quizzes, tests or exams after you have corrected them.

* 7. You believe that formatively assessing your students throughout a lesson or unit is a method that you plan to use in your classroom.

* 8. Considering your teaching philosophy, if any of your students receive a failing grade on your exams, do you believe that it is the fault of the: