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1. What are your primary reasons for homeschooling?

2. If you chose to homeschool due to poor academics at school, what subjects caused the greatest concern?

3. What are two of the biggest challenges you face as a homeschooler?

4. What are two of your biggest frustrations related to homeschooling? (Can refer to clean house, schedule, etc.)

5. Have you had any difficulties with your state or school district?

6. Has your state or school district hindered the homeschooling process?

7. If you answered yes to question 6 please share the primary reasons why:

8. What is the best course you have used in homeschooling?

9. Why do you consider this the best course? (above)

10. Do you have a favorite curriculum publisher?

11. Describe your curriculum approach

12. Do you use standardized testing for your children?

13. If you use standardized testing, how well does your student score in the following areas?

  Well above grade level Average At grade level Below grade level Below average Well-below grade level Not applicable
Language Arts
Social Studies

14. What are the main criteria you use when evaluating homeschool curriculum or programs (select all that apply)?

15. What is the main method you use to learn about homeschool curriculum and programs?

16. What is the approximate cost of your homeschool program each year?

17. Would you be interested in on-line courses?

18. If yes, what grade levels would you enroll in on-line classes?

19. If yes, would you prefer that courses are delivered solely on-line or that they incorporate on-line activities to supplement a textbook?

20. If fully on-line, how many on-line courses would you want your students to take each year?

21. For which subjects would you be interested in providing on-line options?

  Fully on-line On-line enrichments
Language Arts
Social Studies

22. What would you be willing to pay for on-line courses?

23. Would you be interested in on-line dual enrollment courses where your high school student can earn both high school and college credit for the same courses?