1. Which of the videos did you view? (Please check all that apply)

2. By participating in the How to Do Community Work Series, to what extent do you feel you are now able to:

  To a great extent Somewhat Not at all N/A or Unsure
Assess the needs, assets and barriers of a community
Gather information about a community or target population
Work with community partners
Write a proposal or grant application
Evaluate a community project
Fund or sustain a project

3. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with this series?

4. How effective to you feel the video instruction method was for this topic?

5. How effective do you feel the worksheets were for this topic?

6. Were you asked to participate in this series as part of a course or do you participate for your personal knowledge?

7. How would you rate the length of the videos?

8. To what degree will the worksheet(s) help with your future project(s)?

9. Having participated in this series, how likely are you to attempt a community health project?

10. Would you recommend this series to a colleague?

11. What additional information should be included in this series of videos and worksheets?