NWU Alumni serves Sleepyhead Beds

Founded in 2010, Sleepyhead Beds began picking up gently-used beds and delivering them to bedless children in the Kansas City metro area. Sleepyhead Beds delivered approximately 1800 beds to area children in 2011, and there are many more children still in need of a proper place to sleep.

how it works
With the help of volunteers, we ask for gently-used beds, bedding or donations. When a bed is donated, we pick up it up and we take it to our facility to be sanitized. After it’s cleaned and ready to be slept in, we take it to a child in need. The process is as simple as that! We don’t require any formal applications; all we ask is that the donated beds are kid-worthy. Beds with stains and/or odors will not be accepted.

After donating a bed, you’ll not only sleep better knowing you’ve helped a child, but you will have also helped benefit the environment by keeping mattresses out of land-fills.