Ne Si'ka - Food from the Heart Community Survey

If you are not familiar with Ne Si'ka or the pay what you can restaurant model please visit our website for more information at:

We are very excited to open our doors in Lents and look forward to working with the community to meet your needs.

1. What dining period would you be most likely to eat at Ne Si'ka?

2. A large portion of our menu will change on a regular basis dependent on what is in season and donations that we receive. What dining/dietary options are important to you?

3. How interested would you be in volunteering if a position fit your skill set or was something you wanted to learn?

4. Other than food related, what sorts of amenities would you like to see provided?

5. What local companies and community organizations would you like to see us working with?

6. For your particular circumstances do you see our pay what you can model as helpful to...

7. Our larger goal, beyond helping with food insecurities, is to provide a space that is a community hub. Would you be likely to reserve space for any of these types of events?

8. How likely would you be to utilize catering services for your home, office, or event?

9. What sorts of things make you feel comfortable/at home when you are dining out?

10. Please use this space to add any ideas, questions, or concerns you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!