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1. Opinion Questions

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* 1. When reading technical information, what format do you prefer?

* 2. What size of technical document do you prefer?

3. What type of technical documentation are you most likely to print (articles, white papers, downloadable books, KB)?

4. How does the type of content you prefer change depending on the task?

* 5. When deploying the 2007 Office system, how likely are you to use the following sources of information?

  Very Likely Somewhat Likely Not Likely
TechNet - Table of Contents / Search
Microsoft blogs
Microsoft forums
Third-party blogs & forums
Peers and associates
External search engines (Live, Google, Yahoo, Ask)

6. What can we do to make this technical documentation easier to find?

7. What technical documentation do you still need to move ahead with a Deployment project you have?

8. Is there anything else you'd like us to know about technical documentation to make you job easier, please leave your email address?