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Thank you for providing feedback for the CAC Clinical Training Course you recently completed. Please send any additional comments to Mary McMahon, Manager, CAC Clinical Training Program at mary.mcmahon@state.co.us

* 3. Please provide the dates and location of the training course

* 4. What was the method of delivery for the training course?

* 5. I was satisfied with the overall quality of this training

* 6. The trainer was effective in presenting the material in a clear and concise manner.

* 7. The trainer was professional, timely, and appropriate in their interactions with participants.

* 8. The trainer appeared to be knowledgeable about the topic being taught.

* 9. The trainer responded appropriately to the questions and needs of the group.

* 10. What I learned in this training class is applicable to my professional development.

* 11. For On line and Hybrid delivery: The page layout and on-line navigation of the course was easy to follow

* 12. For On line and Hybrid delivery: The pace of the course, clarity of on-line materials, and usefulness of on-line discussions was appropriate to the material being covered.

* 13. I would recommend this trainer to others

* 14. I would recommend this training course to others

* 15. What were your expectations for this course and how effectively have those expectations been met?

* 16. Please provide any additional comments and/or suggestions. Your input is appreciated!