Dear Students,

Please take a few minutes to answer a few questions about your educational goals. Your responses will be used to inform EOPS/CalWORKS services in the future. No individual responses will be identified and only aggregate data will be reported.

Thanks for your participation!

Tell us about you…

1. What is your CSID number?

2. Where did you receive EOPS service(s)?

3. Are you a CalWORKs student?

Please rate your level of agreement with the statements according to the scale below. If the statement is not applicable to you, please select “Not Applicable”.

4. I have identified at least one area of interest that I would like to pursue in my education.

5. I have decided on an academic major.

6. For my major or academic goal, I know the list of courses that I need to take.

7. I am aware of the steps it will take for me to complete my highest academic goal.

8. I am clear about how long it will take for me to complete my education to meet my final academic goal.

9. I am pretty sure about the amount of time it will take for me to complete all of my coursework in my academic major.

10. I know how many and the specific classes I will need to take each semester to complete my academic goal.

11. All in all, I am set with a clear academic plan toward completing my educational goals.

Thank you for completing the EOPS/CalWORKs SLO survey!