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1. How did you learn about Teach Preschool on Facebook?

2. How often do you check into Teach Preschool on Facebook?

3. How often do you click on the tabs at the top of the Teach Preschool fan page? (Info, Order, News, Links...)

4. How often do you click on the "just fans" tab to view content?

5. Which content area do you take the time to click on and read?

6. Which content area would you like to see more of?

7. What is your role in early childhood?

8. Do you have an early childhood related blog or website that you would like to share with others on Teach Preschool?

9. Do you have any suggestions or comments you would like to share with Teach Preschool?

10. Deborah (Teach Preschool) is considering putting together a few online early childhood education training webinars. Is this something you would be interested in attending?