Completing this short survey will help the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) measure and report the level and quality of service provided to you, and to continually improve our performance. Please take a few minutes to rate and comment on the support you received.

* 1. Please share with us information about your most recent contact with DTSC.
Was your contact:

* 2. Please tell us if the information was:

  Completely Quite a bit Somewhat Not at all
Presented and shared with consideration and respect
Clear and easily understood
The information you needed

* 3. Do you feel that DTSC:

  Completely Quite a bit Somewhat Not at all
Provided full and sufficient opportunity for your input and ideas
Provided enough information and time about activities to allow you to offer input to DTSC
Provided a clear explanation for decisions that are made

* 4. How well does DTSC resolve the issues that matter to you?

* 5. If you have suggestions for DTSC, what would they be?

Thank you for your feedback. This is an important part of continually improving our service to you!