Hello! Thanks for your interest in our upcoming research study. We’re looking for a wide variety of people to help us with a product usage test for a line of herbal supplement beverages, or shots, as some people refer to them. There are 6 different varieties of supplements/shots being tested; each intended for very specific occasions and purposes. Please make sure to answer these survey questions honestly, as we need the right people to test the right variety. Someone not using these products for their intended purposes will not benefit from them and, therefore, will not help us in our research. We appreciate your cooperation!

1. To get started, we need to collect your contact information, so if you qualify for the study, we have a way of reaching you and sending you the products. (Your information will not be shared with any other company, or used for any other purpose.) PLEASE ENTER YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAMES

2. Do you currently use any types of herbal supplement beverages, energy shots, sleep/relaxation shots, or sports shots?