* 1. Approximately how many training events do you attend (in any format) over the course of a year?

2. Of the events you attended in the last year, what percentage of those events required you to travel to a different location?

3. Rank the following training formats in order of preference.

4. Have you or or someone at your facility ever attended a training course at PHLET?

5. If you have attended a training course at PHLET before, would you find it worthwile to do so again?

6. What training topic or topic(s) would be of the most value to you?

7. What is your preferred method or format by which to receive training?

8. Which of the following would you say is the greatest barrier to participating in training?

9. Would you be interested in receiving training via audio and videoconferencing?

10. Do you have any of the following available at your facility (mark all that apply)?