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1. What kind of reptile(s) do you own?

2. How many reptiles do you own?

3. How long have you owned your reptile(s)?

4. What source did you rely on most when learning to care for your reptile?

5. What is the biggest difficulty you have encountered from owning a reptile?

6. What accessories do you use for your pet terrarium?

7. What type of bedding material do you use for you reptile's terrerium?

8. How often do you change out the bedding material in the terrarium?

9. How often do you clean your reptile's cage?

10. What do you use for odor control?

11. Are there any products that would be helpful that don't already exist?

12. Thank you for taking our survey! Please provide us with some basic information; we promise it will remain confidential and not be sold to calling lists or anything of that nature.