* 1. Full Name

2. Was Westminster College one of your top 3 choices?

* 3. Do you intend to stay at Westminster until you complete your degree?

4. What may interrupt your schooling?

5. When do you anticipate finishing your degree?

* 6. Where do you plan to live?

7. At your high school how hard did you need to work to achieve good grades?

8. In general, how do you think the secondary school(s) you attended prepared you to succeed in college?

9. Are you planning on working while in school?

10. Besides attending college, what other obligations do you have? (Choose all that apply)

11. Will you have any athletic obligations? (Choose all that apply)

12. Which of the following concerns apply to you? (Choose all that apply)

13. During high school did you take concurrent coursework?

14. During high school did you take AP exams?

15. During high school did you take IB exams?

* 16. Are you the first person in your immediate family to attend college?

17. In which of the following would you be interested (choose all that apply):

18. What is your ethnicity? (Assists the Diversity and International Center with outreach)