WWE Games fans, we are deep in production on WWE '13 and ensuring all community feedback has been taken seriously into account. Do not fear, YOU have been heard.

However, we have a couple of creative "future endeavors" we'd like YOUR input on. This is your chance to continue inspiring our WWE Games Development Team to help create YOUR WWE wrestling game. So we kindly ask you, creatively, to BRING IT!

All feedback submitted will be judged creatively by our WWE Games Development team and is not guaranteed inclusion. We look forward to your submissions!

* 1. Do you play WWE '12 primarily on XBOX 360, Playstation 3, or the Wii?

* 2. The Brood, The Maniacs, Evolution, Dominator - these are just a few of the many "announcer callout names" for Created Superstars and Tag-Teams. For WWE '13, we want to give YOU a chance to create "new callout names or tag-team names" that we MAY record to be used for your created superstars and tag-teams. Make Justin Roberts proud!

Please note, we cannot use any licensed or copyright "names" (i.e. comic-book or movie characters). We also prefer you not submit your first or last name. We are looking for creativity!

* 3. Bronco Buster, Crossbody, Big Splash, Corkscrew Elbow Drop - these are "wrestling moves", and as you know, we strive with every "WWE Game" to include as many authentic WWE Superstar moves as possible. We understand there are always a few we may miss, which is why we want YOUR creative input.

Which "wrestling moves" woud you like to see added to the WWE Superstar movesets in WWE '13 that you've never seen in our games before, or even if they were in a past WWE Game and deserve a comeback moment!

Please note - we motion capture EVERY wrestling move and will continue to do so for authenticity.

* 4. If you could add one Superstar or Legend to the WWE '13 roster who was not in WWE '12, who would it be?

* 5. Please leave your e-mail address in this box if you'd like to be considered to win a WWE Games Prize Pack. We sincerely appreciate your assistance in providing us feedback!