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1. Do you feel that Violence in Videogames can influence people to act Violently towards others?

2. Do you feel that an R18 rating should be applied to games that are seen as Violent here in Australia ?

3. Would you agree that it is too easy for children and those under 18 to get access to copies of violent games?

4. Do you feel that games with online play and contact with other anonymous players exposes those who play them to situations which can cause anger, aggression or can effect them emotionally?

5. What "Explicit content" do you feel can effect players the most, if any?

6. In your opinion is it possible that violent games can desensitize players?

7. Do you feel that the introduction of an R18 rating would reduce the amount of violent games and violent content that younger players are exposed to?

8. What games do you (or those you know that play games) play mostly in terms of there ratings?