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* 1. Please state your name and high school

* 2. What are your plans after graduation?

3. What colleges did you apply to? (List all, separate by comma)

4. What colleges were you admitted to? (List all, separate by comma)

* 5. What college to you plan on attending and why? (Ex. Because it was my top choice/because of the financial aid they are offering/because it’s close to home/etc.)

* 6. Please list the following in your financial aid package: (If none to any then put "none")

* 7. When did you pass the CAHSEE? And what were your scores?

8. What were your SAT scores (for each section) and ACT scores? (If never taken type never taken" as your response.)

* 9. What are your future plans? (Like in 5 years)

* 10. What is your shirt size (for a baseball T)