CE Store Questionnaire

In order to better serve you, our members, we would like feedback on how you may utilize ACHCA’s new online CE store. Please answer the following short survey. Your input is much appreciated!

Becky Reisinger
Manager, Business Development

* 1. Webcast Schedule
Choose which webcast format is more appealing to you:

* 2. Employer CE Support
Does your employer have an allocated budget for you and your staff to earn CEs?

* 3. Employer CE Reimbursement
Does your employer reimburse you for your CE training?

* 4. Live Webcasts
Would you be willing to pay more for a live video broadcast of the expert?

* 5. Customer Preferences
Rank which is most important to you, with 1 being the most important, 6 being the least important:

* 6. Estimated Annual Webinar Use
About how many hours of webinar based CE do you earn annually?

* 7. Share Your Thoughts
Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about obtaining CE through webinars?