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1. Did you watch "The Pregnancy Project" on Lifetime?

2. Do you have children age 18 or younger living in your household?

3. Do you have teenagers living in your household?

4. Most teens have thought about how a pregnancy would affect their lives.

5. Not many teens are having sex.

6. Teen pregnancy can happen to anyone.

7. Most teen moms don't graduate from high school.

8. It is important to talk to teens about how to prevent pregnancy.

9. If teens do not use birth control/protection when they have sex, they will probably get pregnant/get someone pregnant.

10. How likely are you to talk with your teen about how to avoid getting pregnant/getting someone pregnant as a teen?

11. How likely are you to discuss birth control/contraception with your teen?

12. Did you read the "Pregnancy Project" Discussion Guide available at www.mylifetime.com?

13. Did you use the "Pregnancy Project" Discussion Guide available at www.mylifetime.com to talk with your teen(s) about preventing pregnancy?

14. "The Pregnancy Project" helped me start a conversation with my teen about preventing pregnancy.

15. Gender

16. Which category below includes your age?