1. Were you able to cast your vote at the polls?

2. If you answered NO to question 1 above because you voted by absentee ballot or your state is a vote-by-mailstate, please answer the following question: Was an accessible method to complete the absentee or vote by mail ballot provided?

3. Were you offered or did you request to use an accessible voting machine?

4. Was the accessible voting machine up and running when you arrived at the polling place?

5. About how long did you wait for an accessible voting machine?

6. Did the poll workers have any problems setting up or activating the accessible voting machine?

7. Did the poll workers offer you clean instructions on how to use the accessible voting machines or did you not need instructions?

8. Do you feel the instructions given by the poll worker were too complicated, too simplistic, or just right?

9. Did you experience any problems with the accessible voting machines while casting your vote?

10. Were you able to vote privately and independently on an accessible voting machine?