Thank you for taking this short survey. Once you have completed it you have the option of entering a prize draw to win a 16GB iPad Mini.

* 1. What is your job role, or what work do you do with IT?

* 2. How many years of experience do you have working with IT?

* 3. How would you describe your level of IT expertise?

* 4. How many IT books do you estimate you buy in a 12 month period, on average?

* 5. Which IT book publishers, if any, do you recall liking or finding useful?

6. Why did you like them or find them useful?

7. Which IT book publishers would you avoid or don't rate?

8. Why would you avoid or not rate them?

* 9. How often do you read books or eBooks, not necessarily IT-related, for pleasure?

* 10. What are the reasons you wouldn't buy an IT book?