Salir de esta encuesta

1. Does the paper establish a new approach to Primary Healthcare-based pharmaceutical services?

2. With content developed in the proposal is it possible to develop PHC-based pharmaceutical services in your country?

3. Do you agree that the problems and challenges for change as addressed are complete for the approach on PHC-based pharmaceutical services?

4. Do you think that the definition of PHC-based pharmaceutical services respond to identified problems and changes to be achieved?

5. Are the values and principles of PHC-based pharmaceutical services complete?

6. Are all the roles and functions of a PHC-based pharmaceutical services included?

7. Do you consider that the process based management facilitates the development of PHC-based pharmaceutical services?

8. Is the Ethics practice for the PHC-based pharmaceutical services sufficiently explained to its implementation?

9. Is there any topic relate to pharmaceutical services that should be incorporated?

10. Is there an issue from those addressed in the document that should be excluded?