1. Do you own a computer or laptop at home?

2. Do you own any mobile technology? (Mark all that apply)

3. How many hours do you use technology per day, such as computers, tablets and smart phones?

4. How do you most often access news and information?

5. How do you most often access information about the library?

6. What type of technologies do you use?

7. Rank the following in order from 1 (most comfortable) to 4 (least comfortable) with how comfortable you are using the following technologies.

8. What type of technology training do you think the library should provide?

9. What is your age bracket?

10. In order to better serve the community members, the library continually investigates new technologies and technology services for possible purchase and implementation. For example: the library offers public computers and printing, free wireless access at all locations, downloadable ebooks and audiobooks, online magazines and more. Do you have suggestions for us to consider?