1. What is your age?

2. What is your gender?

3. What is your current occupation?

4. How often do you eat pizza?

5. Have you ever heard of Giordano's pizza?

6. How did you hear about Giordano's?

7. How often do you eat at Giordano's

8. When you don't eat pizza at Giordano's where do you eat it?

9. How often do you use a website or mobile app to order food?

10. If offered by Giordano's would you used a web or mobile ordering app?

11. How do you classify yourself? (all that apply)

12. Would you be willing to try a new health concious menu at Giordano's

13. Would use a feature on the website designed to lay out your meal before you eat it to see the nutrition values.

14. What kinds of food would you like to see in Giordano's catering?

15. Would you use Giordano's to cater corporate events?

16. Would you be interested in a new loyalty program that makes avaliable special events and/or specials for members?

17. How would you rate the following at Giordano's

  bad poor fair good very good
The menu
The advertisement
The quality of the website
A wide range of options on their menu
Healthy options on their menu
Presence on social media

18. If you could change one thing about Giordano's what would it be?