* 1. Name and current Address ( Please include Maiden Name)

2. If you met your spouse at Chico State, please tell us how you met and what you did for your first date.

3. What was your favorite place to eat when you were a student in Chico? Did you have a favorite meal?

4. Where did you most often purchase clothing in 1963?

5. What organizations were you involved in as a student? What were some of your favorite free time activities?

6. Please share your memories of Pioneer Days? Were you in the parade? Did you wear a costume?

7. Do you have any memorable stories about faculty?

8. What was your first job after graduation? What was your last job before retirement?

9. What has been your greatest accomplishment since you left Chico State?

10. What is your favorite Chico memory?

11. If you have any children, grandchildren, or great- grandchildren, please put the number below

12. Please include and additional comments below