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* 1.

How often do you visit the following websites:

  Daily A few times a week About once a week A few times a month About once a month Less often Never

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* 2.

What other websites do you regularly use as part of your job, such as,, etc?

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* 3.

How useful do you find the following areas of content on

  Very useful Quite useful Not very useful Not at all useful
Used cars
Finance analysis
Warranty advice
Used car sales figures
New car sales figures
Training videos
Supplier zone

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* 4.

How interested are you in getting AM content in the following formats?

  Very interested Quite interested Not very interested Not at all interested
Mobile, including iPhone application

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* 6.

Do you receive the daily AM news email?

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* 7.

Do you see our monthly ezine AMe?

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* 8.

How important are the following to you when using an automotive retail information website?

  Very important Quite important Not very important Not at all important
Manufacturer News
Dealer News
Supplier News
Consumer News / Insights
Macro Economic News
Recruitment Opportunities
Profit and Efficiency Advice
Investigating and Sourcing Suppliers
Discussions/ Forum
Business Development Opportunities
Benchmarking Information

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* 10.

What critical business information would you like to receive from AM that you don’t currently?

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* 11.

Would you pay for this information?

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* 12.

What business-critical information do you currently pay for?

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* 14.

What would you change about the AM website?

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* 15.

Please leave your name, email address and company name so that we can contact you if you win the prize draw.

Term & Conditions -  Please take a copy if you wish to retain these rules. The prize draw is open to all those aged 18 or over who enter on or before 24th December 2009. No purchase is necessary, but only one entry per person. Anyone who enters more than once will be excluded from the draw. The draw will be held within 14 days of the close date (24th December 2009). Winners will be selected at random and notified within 15 days of the draw. There will only be one winner per prize. These prizes may be offered in a limited number of other promotions. Persons involved in the promotion and execution of the prize draw, employees of Bauer Media (the promoter) and its sister companies within the Bauer group and/or their relatives and anyone in the employee's household, and their sponsors are not eligible for entry to the draw. If for any reason beyond the Promoter's control it is not possible to provide the stated prize, the Promoter reserves the right to award an alternative prize of no lesser value. The Promoter's choice of alternative prize is final. No entries can be refunded and no correspondence will be entered into by the promoter. The promoter accepts no responsibility for resultant loss or damage to persons or properties (other than death or personal injury due to negligence of the promoters or their agents) as a result of these prizes being awarded. We reserve the right to feature the names, photographs, and locations of winners in future promotions. A list of all winners will be available by post on or after the 24th December 2009 by sending a stamped address envelope to AM Dec 2009 Research prize draw/competition, Bauer Media Ltd company number: 01176085 registered office 21 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2DY