* 1. Your first name and period number.

* 2. Why is it necessary to cite sources?

* 3. What does the in-text citation have to correspond to in the Works Cited?

* 4. If you mention the author's name in the text of your paper, do you have to put it in the in-text citation as well?

* 5. If you DON'T mention the author's name in the text, what should the in-text citation look like?

* 6. When using Son of Citation and citing the World Book from the UDLib/Search databases, what should you pick for your source type?

* 7. When citing a valid source from the Internet (you searched a search engine like Google or Bing), you should pick what type of source in Son of Citation?

* 8. In Son of Citation, if there isn't an individual author's name, you should just leave those boxes blank?

9. When citing a web document, which pieces of information MUST you have in the citation? (You can't leave the boxes blank- according to Ms. Payne's expectations.)

10. After you use Son of Citation to cite all of your sources, you must then go back and format the Works Cited page according to proper MLA format?