This is the 3rd in a 7 part Motor System Maintenance and Management Best Practices Benchmarking Study produced by Dr. Howard Penrose PhD of Success by Design and Terrence O'Hanlon, CMRP,

There are several best practices to consider for new and repaired electric motor commissioning before installation or storage.

Please use your best efforts to answer as accurately as possible.

If you are a service provider/contractor please answer for your largest client.

Add answers points for total score. We suggest you keep a running point total manually as there is a scoring key at the conclusion of this survey however - the survey is not autoscoring.

You may take this survey anonymously or you may provide your contact details if you would like an advanced copy of the study report and action recommendations.

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* 1. Which statement best describes your company’s commissioning program: (Select one)

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* 2. Which of the following tests does your company normally perform during plant or equipment commissioning? (Select all that apply) (2.5pts each)

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* 3. Which of the following statements best describes your company’s approach to machine setup: (Select one)

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* 4. Which of the following methods best describe your company’s practice of commissioning V-belt drives? (Select one)

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* 5. How is commissioning data recorded at the company? (Select one)

All of the points are added together and the total should be above 85 for world class, above 70 for an acceptable program that requires work and below 70, the program should be repaired.

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* 6.
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