1. Product Development Survey for MuseCubes

Thanks for stopping by, folks. I'm especially appreciative of those who've come via Twitter, Facebook, and Creative Every Day. Yay you! The three questions below are pretty self explanatory, so go to it. More info below about what the heck this is all about!

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* 1. Imagine you've been working really hard, and you desperately need a break. Take a second to make each of the sounds that are listed below. Really let yourself have the fullness of each sound! Then rate each verb based on how satisfying the sound was to make.

  Satisfying. OK. Not at all.

Question Title

* 2. Imagine, again, that you've been working really hard and you totally need a break. Either sitting or standing, take a few seconds to move in the manner of the verbs listed below. Let yourself have each movement fully! Then rate each of the verbs based on how satisfying they felt.

  Satisfying. OK. Not at all.

Question Title

* 3. Did any of the verbs confuse you? If so, tell me about it! (I really want folks to be able to do each of the verbs without THINKING or being too SELF CONSCIOUS).

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* 4. Thanks for taking my survey! If you're wondering what this is all about...

MuseCubes are a set of dice designed to shake folks free from stuckness -- to howl, wiggle, and whoop their ways to new perspectives. The product is based on research that shows that people think more effectively and creativity when they move their bodies and free their voices. I needed help figuring out which verbs to put on the new edition of the cubes, so thanks for your feedback.

There's more info, and some fun videos, at www.MuseCubes.com. Check it out!

Feel free to leave any additional comments below, including:
1. A story or testimonial about MuseCubes, if you're currently using a set
2. Your email address, if you want updates on the official product launch
3. Anything at all you want to say!

Gretchen (@gwegner)