1. What is your affiliation with Lane Memorial Library?

2. 3. From what location do you most often connect to the Lane Memorial Library website?

3. How often do you visit the Lane Memorial Library website?

4. What type of information are you looking for when you visit our website? (Please select all that apply)

5. What information have you NOT been able to find on our website? Please be as specific as possible.

6. For each task, please rate how easy/difficult it is to do on our website:

  Easy Ok Difficult Never tried
Access my account
Find events
Find hours/location information
Find contact information
Find research tools
Find services offered
Find books and movies
Find new materials

7. Please rate the following characteristics of the new Lane Memorial Library website:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor No Opinion
Easy to find what I need
Organized well
Visually appealing

8. What additional features would you like to see on the Lane Memorial website?

9. If you would be interested in participating in a more in-depth usability study (approximately 30 min to an hour in person), please leave your name and email/phone below:

10. Any other thoughts? (Please limit reply to less than 2 paragraphs)