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1. What is your primary source of information when it comes to deciding which products to buy?

2. Before deciding whether or not to purchase a product, how often do you research it through an independent source such as a consumer guide?

3. Whether or not you know the person giving it, how does a personal testimonial affect your decision to buy a product?

4. Are you more likely to purchase a product that has been endorsed by a favorite radio or television personality?

5. Have you ever purchased something you've seen advertised on an infomercial? What type of product was it? Select all that apply.

6. Generally speaking, have items you've purchased from infomercials lived up to the hype?

7. How do you feel about the marketing tactics you see in the media? Choose the answer that best describes your attitude.

8. What age are you?

9. What is your gender?

10. What type of work do you do? Select all that apply.