* 1. What department do you work in?

2. I can describe the mission of CCMH.

3. I can describe what CCMH is doing to meet our mission.

4. I understand how my daily activities relate to our mission.

5. I have confidence in CCMH's Leadership Council to implement our mission.

6. I receive access to adequate training (continue education) for my job responsibilities.

7. The Leadership Council values my contribution to CCMH's success.

8. I feel part of a team working toward shared goals.

9. I feel appropriately involved in decisions that are made regarding patient care.

10. I have an opportunity to discuss patient care issues with colleagues and patients.

11. The Leadership Council & Directors provides a work climate that promotes patient safety.

12. The actions of the Leadership Council & Directors show that patient safety is a top priority.

13. Overall, CCMH provides high-quality health care services.

14. The quality of care and services at CCMH has improved over the last 6 months.

15. CCMH supports a non-punitive medical error-reporting program.

16. I am proud of the care and services delivered at CCMH.

17. I have adequate medical equipment required to do my job.

18. I understand department specific policies and procedures.

19. I receive useful, strategically relevant information about department performance.

20. I would recommend CCMH to family and friends for their health care needs.

21. I would recommend CCMH to family and friends for employment.

22. My direct supervisor recognizes when I demonstrate exceptional performance.

23. I am satisfied with my direct supervisor's management style.

24. My department's services are provided in a timely manner.

25. My department's reports are returned in a timely manner.

26. Overall, my department provides high-quality services.

27. My department treats patients with courtesy and respect.

28. My department treats hospital staff and clinicians with courtesy and respect.

29. My department participates in hospital wide functions and are "team players".

30. I am pleased with the career advancement opportunities available to me.

31. I am satisfied with the job-related training CCMH offers.

32. I am compensated fairly to my local market.

33. I am satisfied with the workplace flexibility offered by CCMH.

34. CCMH has a safe work environment.

35. My co-workers and I have a good working relationship.

36. I am satisfied with my total benefits package.

* 37. What or how do you describe your roll with CCMH?

* 38. What are the barriers to you performing your job at the highest level?

* 39. What are the strengths that you bring to your position and the facility?

* 40. If you were applying for this (your) position, why should we hire you?

* 41. What do you like most about working at CCMH? (job, salary, people, benefits, etc. Please be honest and specific.)

* 42. What do you like least about working at CCMH? ( Please be honest and specific.)

* 43. Would you support a fee for meals? If so, what are your expectations?

* 44. If you could change ANYTHING about CCMH what 3-5 things would you change tomorrow? (ANYTHING)

* 45. What can Administration do for you to improve your job or the facility? (list as many as you like)

* 46. What suggestions do you have for reducing cost?

* 47. What suggestions do you have for developing or increasing revenue?

48. Do you think this survey was beneficial? (Be honest.)