1. How do you utilize New Jersey's recreational lands (parks, forests, natural areas, etc.)? Check all that apply.

2. How frequently do you use New Jersey's recreational lands?

3. How would you rate your awareness of illegal dumping on New Jersey recreational lands?

4. How likely do you think visitors are to report to authorities their observations of dumped materials they see?

5. How likely do you think it is that people who dump materials on State recreational lands would be caught?

6. Please rate your agreement with the following statement:

The likelihood of being caught, together with the clear penalties for violation, creates an effective deterrence against illegal dumping.

7. Please rate your agreement with the following statement:

It is easy to identify the right ways to handle and places to take common large or bulky waste items.

8. How did you receive this survey?

9. In which of the following would you consider yourself a member, participating in, or associated with (check all that apply)?

10. If you are a member of a group or business with interest in supporting the effort to stop illegal dumping in New Jersey's recreational lands, we invite you to enter a contact email and any comments in the box below.