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College Broadcasters, Inc. (CBI) needs to gather information from educational (college and high school) radio/web stations in order to respond to a proposal to increase the burden of recordkeeping and reporting from educational stations. It is vital that all stations respond to this survey, even if your station is not currently webcasting.

If you are involved with more than one station, please complete the survey once for each station.

Please do not have multiple people from the same station respond to the survey.

For background on these issues see this page. In summary, the Copyright Royalty Judges ("CRJs") proposed these new rules. CBI & a number of educational stations, just like yours, have objected to the changes. In response, the CRJs asked a lot of questions. This survey is designed to gather information in order to respond to the CRJs questions.

Your responses will be confidential and only used in the aggregate. We will ask for identifying information which will only be used for internal verification.

Have questions? Please call 713-348-2935 or email copyright@askcbi.org.