1. Are you familiar with what Contactless RFID technology is? If so, do you have any personal views on how it is currently being used or how it could be used in the future?

2. Do you think that contactless technology would be relevant in people’s everyday lives?

3. Would you like the physical interactions such as switching on lights or putting a DVD in the player to become contactless? Or would you prefer to keep them the way they are?

4. I have shown you a demo of how I see contactless technology being used in the future, if you could customise this application so that it was unique to you as an individual. What other scenarios would you see it being used in and why?

5. Would you feel safe having your iPhone as a security key to your entire home? (Bearing in mind, your phone and the application would be password protected)

6. Would you like a remote phone that controls your entire home? If so, why? If not, why?

7. What do you think would happen in a home with multiple occupants if more than one person had this application?

8. Who could benefit from an application like this?

9. I have shown you this application working on a smart phone, are there any other devices that you can think of that would also work well.

10. Do you think this is something you would have in your home in the future?