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1. What state do you reside in?

2. What's your average annual income?

3. Did you fish the Green River at all during the last 12 months?

4. If yes, in which month did you most recently fish the Green River?

5. During that trip, how many total fish (regardless of species) did you catch?

6. During that trip, how many total fish did you harvest?

7. During that trip, how many total hours did you fish?

8. Rate the quality of fish caught on that trip.

  Very Poor Poor Average Good Execellent

9. What Green River species do you prefer? Please rank each species as to your preference.(only one answer per species)

  least favorite most favorite

10. What method of fishing do you prefer?

11. What type of access do you primarily use when fishing the Green River?

12. Please rate each season as your prefered time to fish the Green River.

  least prefered most prefered

13. Please rate what section of the Green River do you prefer to fish.

  least prefered most prefered
Section A
Section B
Section C

14. How many times a year do you fish? (anywhere)

15. How many times a year do you fish the Green River?

16. Rate the importance of each attribute as it affects your fishing experiences on the Green River.

  least important most important
Water temperature
Flow variability
Bug hatches
Fish activity
Recreational pressure

17. Green River flows fluctuate depending on water demand/availability, season, etc. Which one flow regime do you most prefer? Check only one.

18. Which flow regime do you most prefer to avoid? Check only one.

19. Will you return to fish the Green River again?

20. (optional) Please provide any additional comments you have related to the Green River.