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1. What are your three favorite animals/habitats?

2. What three new animals would you like to see at the Lake Superior Zoo? Please keep in mind our Northern climate and animals that are suited to our area.

3. Please rate each of the following animal habitats that you saw. If you did not visit an area, please select N/A.

  Poor Less than Average Average Better than Average Excellent N/A
Griggs Learning Center
Amur Tigers
Primate Conservation Center
Polar Shores
Snow Leopards
Kodiak Bears
African Lions
Australian Connection

4. Please rate the following items as they apply to a current visit.

  Poor Less than Average Average Better than Average Excellent
Overall Satisfaction
Value for Admission Price
Entertainment Experience
Educational Experience
Staff Courtesy

5. What did you like best about your most recent visit?

6. Did you experience any inconveniences during your most recent visit? If so, what were they?

7. Do you have any recommendations to help improve YOUR zoo?

9. What type(s) of promotion or advertising did you see or hear prior to your zoo visit?

10. Did you visit the Zoo's website to plan your Zoo visit?