1. Introduction to the software developers and laws survey.

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Firstly, thanks for reading this.

In this survey I have used the term software developer rather broadly. I define this to be anyone working professionally to design, build or maintain software (information technology). So if you are a product manager, solution manager, implementation consultant, systems architect, business analyst, or a systems tester, for instance, then we would be just as interested in your responses. The survey isn't just aimed at those who code, but those who make a living from its construction and maintenance.

There are no right or wrong answers, and this isn't a test. If you feel a question doesn't apply, you may of course just leave it out. .

  • It is designed to gather information about the knowledge, education and attitude of software developers towards the law related to software, and how law is or isn’t built into software.
  • The first part of the survey is to give me a bit of background on your education and your role in software. The rest of the survey looks at your organization and your perceptions of software and the law.
  • The survey is a component of my PhD at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany. I'm a part time PhD student in the department of informationsrecht IIR (information law).  My research is also linked to the Theseus Research project. Part of this is the Texo project. This centres on web services, and some of my colleagues and I are interested in the legal implications of web service construction and consumption.
  • The main focus of my PhD work is on how privacy is or isn't embedded into enterprise applications.
  • You may of course answer the survey without giving your name, but if you would like a copy of the research, please provide a contact email. Your email will only be used for that purpose.
  • Although my employer, Gartner, is supportive of my PhD, this research doesn't form part of my formal Gartner research agenda.(So it isn't a Gartner survey!) Should you have any questions or concerns about this survey please contact me or Dr Oliver Raabe via the IIR.
This survey is subject to the provisions of German Data Protection law. In other words, neither I nor the university will mess with your data. It will not be sold, or used for any other purpose besides research.