1. What is this image called?

2. These spoons are used to eat which of the following frozen desserts?

3. What is this gadget?

4. What is the purpose of this tool?

5. These accessories, which are meant to be installed on a grill, are called:

6. What is the name of this cooking gadget?

7. What is this device called?

8. What does this tool do?

9. What is the name of this device?

10. What type of brush is this?

1. C (Fish tuner)
2. A (Gelato)
3. D (Seasoning injector)
4. C (Slice pineapples)
5.D (Flavorizer bars)
6. C (Garlic press)
7. A (Muddler)
8. D (Remove pits from cherries)
9. B (Fondant smoother)
10. D (Basting brush)
8 to 10: Congrats! You're a gadget guru!
5 to 7: Good job, but watch more cooking shows.
0 to 4: Go shopping.