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1. How did you hear about Languages without Borders that occurred in April 2011?

2. How were you approached to sponsor a part of Languages without Borders Conference?

3. Please rate:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
The quality, timeliness & clarity of communications from the Languages without Borders organizing committee?

4. Please rate your level of satisfaction with sponsor recognition in/ on:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Planner/guidebook, Publicity Flyers
Verbal announcements at conference (reception, banquet etc.)

5. Rate your overall satisfaction and experience at the Languages without Borders conference?

6. Do you intend (or have recommended to your company) to provide a sponsorship for the next Languages without Borders Conference to be held in Winnipeg in 2013?

7. General Comments (Positive or Negative)

We sincerely thank you for your involvement in the first Languages without Borders National Conference
and for participating in this feedback email survey!