* 1. Approximately how many hours have you spent playing Dark Souls?

2. When you first heard of Dark Souls and began playing it, were you aware it was a Japanese-developed game?

3. In your own opinion, what is the best aspect of Dark Souls?

4. Compared to other games of a similar nature, would you say the Dark Souls community is more involved or less involved in social media such as reddit, message boards, steam groups, etc?

* 5. If you had to describe the atmosphere of Dark Souls in one sentence, what would you say?

6. If you're familiar with other RPGs with Western-Medieval settings that were created in Japan (such as Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy), how "Japanese" would you say Dark Souls is in comparison?

7. How important would you say the story of Dark Souls is to you, personally?

8. Comments? Questions?