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1. What type of public programs would most interest you? (choose all that apply)

2. Regarding workshops, please tell us what would most interest you specifically. Choose all that apply. (You can add details to your choices in the "other" box.)

3. Regarding workshops, what times, days, and scheduling would most appeal to you? (choose all that apply)

4. Regarding location, how likely would you be to attend a workshop or other public event a the Saltonstall Arts Colony?

5. When registering for classes or workshops, are you more attracted to "beginners" or "advanced" sessions or something in between?

6. Please feel free to recommend anyone in the region from whom you would love to take a workshop or hear speak about his/her work. (A specific discipline is not important here. We're just looking for your thoughts!)

7. Through what avenues do you learn about classes, workshops, and other educational events you've attended in the past? (click all that apply)

8. So that we might better understand who we're serving, please share your age and gender.