1. Do you support environmental sustainability by doing any of the following (please check all that apply):

2. Due to many environmental and health concerns the cities of San Francisco and Seattle just proposed legislation to ban the sale of plastic water bottles and over 90 schools in the U.S. have also banned or limited their sales. Do you want to see Lake Tahoe Community College join this effort and discontinue the sale of these bottles, in exchange for reusable bottles in our student store?

3. Does it bother you to walk through smoke when entering campus?

4. Do you smoke on campus?

5. Do you know that smoking within the vicinity of the stone seating in front of campus is within 50ft of the building and violates the current smoking policy?

6. The current smoking policy on campus is no smoking within 50 ft of any structure. The Administration is looking to rewrite this policy, which of the following best reflects your opinion on our smoking policy?

7. If the college were to become a no smoking campus except within designated smoking areas, how many designated smoking areas would you prefer on campus?

8. Where would these areas be best located, select any.

9. How would be the best way of enforcing the new policy?

10. Would a small slightly protected smoking shelter, unlike the shelter in front of the theatre, encourage student smokers to use the shelter instead of the main entry?