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1. Professional Profile

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Please tell us about yourself

1. How would you best characterize your affiliation? (Please choose one)

2. Please indicate your gender:

3. Approximately how many years have you held a position where your decisions impact natural resources or worked in the resource management field? (e.g., city council member, public works, land use planning, water quality, wetlands resources, coastal hazards, etc.)

4. Approximately how many hours of your work week are spent addressing resource management issues (e.g., land use planning, water quality, wetlands resources, coastal hazards, etc.)?

5. What is your role in resource management (choose all that apply)?

6. Indicate the extent to which you use the following resources:

  Don't use Seldom use Often use Always use
Formal academic background
Professional journals and peer-reviewed publications
Colleagues and co-workers
Professional development or training
Traditional knowledge about local environmental resources, handed down through cultural transmission
An intuitive understanding of natural processes and systems
Repeated personal observations
Data from state/federal agencies
Internet based resources

7. Does your work require you to take continuing education classes?

8. Are you a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)?