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* 1. Do you currently use TeleNav GPS Navigator, AT&T Navigator or Sprint Navigation on one of the following BlackBerry devices: Bold or Tour?

* 2. Do you currently have a paid subscription (or included with your data plan) to TeleNav GPS Navigator, AT&T Navigator or Sprint Navigation?

* 3. How long have you been a subscriber?

* 4. Do you currently live in the Seattle or San Jose area?

* 5. If so, are you able to attend a kick off event on the evening of January 21st (if in Seattle) or February 3rd (if in San Jose)?

6. Would you be willing to provide feedback on our products in exchange for exclusive access to unreleased versions of our service?

* 7. How many times per month would you say you use our service?

* 8. If you are currently a subscriber, what is your favorite feature? Why?

* 9. What do you think the service could do better? What kind of improvements would you like to see?

* 10. Please fill out the following contact information.