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1. Are you a resident of Delaware?

2. If yes, or part-time resident, do you live within one-half mile of the Delaware Coast (including DE River/Bay, Atlantic Ocean, Inland Bays)?

3. Do you use Delaware's bays, beaches, or coastal areas for recreation or pleasure?

4. Is your occupation directly or indirectly related to Delaware's coastal environment?

5. When compared to 10 years ago, do you think the health of our coastal and marine resources are:

6. What broad issues affecting Delaware's coast are most important to you? (Check your top 3 choices)

* 7. What one issue affecting Delaware's coastal and marine resources is most important to you?

8. Do you think climate change will have a significant impact on Delaware's coastal communities?

* 9. If Delaware Sea Grant personnel could help to solve one major coastal problem in Delaware, what would it be?

10. What one coastal or marine-related topic or issue would you like to learn more about?