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1. Software Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey

1. Which region are you from?

2. How often do you visit Software Depot (www.software.hp.com)?

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1x per year
1x every six months
1x per week
more than 1x per week

3. How did you find out about SW Depot?

4. Please rate your overall satisfaction with Software Depot.

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
Ease of use
Variety of software
Search Engine
Download speed
Site availability

* 5. What do you like about SW Depot?

6. In what ways can we improve the site?

7. Would you like to recieve e-mail notifications when new versions of software that you have previously downloaded become available on the site?

8. In order to improve or maintain SW Depot, please provide any additional comments about the site.