* 1. Have you played or are interested in playing Humans v Zombies?

* 2. If you have a Nerf gun, are you satisfied with how it works?

* 3. Do you feel going off campus (gas money, a ride from a friend, or public transportation) is a hassle compared to on-campus shopping?

* 4. Would an on-campus, fully stocked store or an online store with a small, lightly stocked spot on campus be better?

* 5. If you knew you could get your Nerf gun modified on campus by someone with experience, would you choose to pay to get it done over doing it yourself?

* 6. Do you find it hard to play sports after dark?

* 7. Would you purchase glow-in-the dark or LED sports equipment if it was available to you?

* 8. How useful would the Sport Spot be to you?

* 9. How likely would you be to use the Sport Spot?

10. Do you have any suggestions for products/services or location?