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Based on your opinion, please respond to the "Magnet Program" questions below:

1. How would you define a Magnet school?

2. What do you value about HISD’s Magnet schools?

3. Improving diversity in Magnet schools is a district goal. Do you believe that HISD is accomplishing this goal?

4. Which Magnet schools do you consider the very best and why?

5. Why is community involvement important in Magnet schools?

6. How should HISD determine the effectiveness of its Magnet programs?

7. What do you recommend HISD do to improve its Magnet programs?

8. How do you think students should be selected to attend a Magnet program?

9. Should siblings of Magnet students be given preference in a Magnet school? If so, why?

10. Do you think principals and teachers in Magnet schools need more training and professional development than principals and teachers in non-Magnet schools? If so, why?

11. How do you think funding of Magnet programs should be distributed? (for example: per pupil, by program type, equal funding, etc.)

12. Please complete the following sentence in the text block below:
When I think of students being educated in HISD Magnet schools, I think of _____________________.

13. Do you have child(ren) currently enrolled in HISD Magnet schools?

14. Do you consider your Magnet schools “special?”

15. Does your child(ren) require transportation?

16. In which part of the city do you reside?